For some time now if you wanted to get a t-shirt printed with a new design for retail sale it was normally printed outside of the UK in bulk for about half the price you would pay in the UK

However there are 4 big disadvantages with this approach

  1. Minimum Order Quantities
  2. Cost of buying stock before sales
  3. Cost of stocking a wide range of designs
  4. Speed at which you can launch a new design

So as the cost per unit of printing on demand using equipment like DTG / Sublimation / Digital continues to fall then the business case becomes more persuasive to get products produced as you need them in the UK

Still expect the unit cost per item to be higher but the main advantage is no stock write off, no capital tied up and the ability to sell a new design in hours

Take a look at sites like printedwardrobe.com they have thousands of designs but no stock they print completely on demand

We think this business model will gain in popularity over the coming months and see printing returning to the UK – that is why our PRINT-iT system makes it really easy for you to print on demand