When you are designing a personalised product there are a few points that make it slightly more challenging than designing a fixed design product – mainly related to the fact that elements of the design is variable.

When using Gateway CPP we have many different ways to auto format text but one of the most common questions – is whether to set a maximum character limit.

Detailed below are some statistics on the length of names in the UK that might help guide you


As the chart opposite shows if you cater for up to 9 characters in your design you will cover almost all Forenames but it is also worth considering if anything is being added to the base name such as (‘s) so when designing you should probably consider mocking up with say 11 characters then look at how the same design will look with say 5 characters. You can then decide the best font and whether to use auto text resize or fixed size


As the chart opposite shows surnames are typically longer than forenames so you may need to adopt a different approach when using a surname in your design – especially with the increased use of double barrelled names. So our suggest is that your design should look good with between 3 and 12 characters

The diagram below shows some of the different approaches you can take