Different types of products or alternative customisation processes require different types of customisers/configurators, so we have developed a range of standard options to suit most applications. Each of these product personalisation apps is delivered to your website via a smartlink, which have many different configuration options.

All customisers can modified with CSS (so you can customise the customiser) to suit your website or kiosk design. We can also provide a service to develop a custom layout if none of these options work for you.

Please take a look at our standards detailed below or take a quick tour of the features & functionality of the different options.


Simple, Flexible & Feature Rich
  • Left or Right Tab Position
  • Available for WebGL or HTML5 in 3D / 2D
  • Tabs for Images, Text, Gallery, Colours, Attributes, Effects etc
  • CSS Access to enable design changes


Full Screen Customiser
  • Responsive designs that works for all screen sizes
  • Available in HTML5 for 3D or 2D
  • Support for Images, Text, Gallery, Colours, Attributes, Effects etc
  • CSS Access to enable design changes


Responsive for Image Upload
  • Mobile first design that works on desktop
  • Designed for 2D photo upload with 3D preview option
  • Steps for Images, Text, Preview & Add to Cart
  • CSS Access to enable design changes


Mobile First Design in Steps
  • Mobile first design that works on desktop
  • Uses “Next” button so can cope with unlimited tabs
  • Fully configurable with up to 18 steps
  • CSS Access to enable design changes


Ideal for Clothing & Fashion
  • HTML5 Available for 2D & 3D
  • Tabs for Images, Text, or Product Selection
  • Colour options display on left as small squares
  • Mobile responsive functionality
  • CSS Template Option/li>


Modern, Simple & Stylish
  • Available in HTML5 for 3D / 2D
  • Tabs for Images, Text, Gallery, Images, Colours, Attributes, Help or Product Selection
  • Option to Upload Own Backgrounds
  • External CSS available


Step by Step Sign Off
  • Available for 2D only
  • Uses “Next button to prompt for Images, Text, & Colour Choices
  • Prompts for a formal sign off
  • Easy to change button colours without CSS


For Multi Page & Digital Print
  • Designed for multipage printed products
  • Easy to move between pages
  • Tabs for Text, Images, Gallery, Attributes, Colours & Selector
  • Classic simple design similar to the basic app

3 Column

Full Width & Well Balanced
  • All tools available in 2 side bars with image in centre
  • Clear 1,2,3 step process
  • Separate tabs for shapes, gallery & clipart
  • Easy to change colours to suit your website


Designed for Smaller Screens
  • Designed to look like a mobile app
  • Works in Portrait or Landscape Mode
  • Supports main options – text, images, colours, effects & attributes
  • Can be modified with CSS


Optional Delayed Preview
  • Responsive mobile first design
  • Designed for simple text personalisation
  • Preview is optional but artwork still created
  • Lets you add text then decide if you want to see a preview or add directly to cart

No Preview

Takes Orders No Preview
  • The easiest way to get products online
  • Just captures the personalisation details without preview
  • Supports text, images, attributes & colours
  • Can add product image so fits same area as preview

Print On Demand

Fixed Designs with Options
  • Developed for fixed designs but allows changing colour & size
  • Add unlimited additional attributes
  • Still creates artwork in backend
  • App is optional as POD can work without

Greetings Cards

Specialist Format for Cards
  • Designed for Greetings Cards enables you to see all 4 pages at once
  • Supports unlimited text and image area
  • Multiple sizes supported
  • CSS support to enable design updates

Photo Prints

Layout for Photo Prints
  • Specialist App designed for fast photo upload
  • Change photo print sizes
  • User friendly quick editing tools
  • Multiple image sources

POS Links

Designed for Instore Use
  • Can use most layout types
  • Adds jobs direct to production
  • No need for separate website
  • Supports Paypal, Stripe & Receipt Printing


Inline HTML Customiser
  • Click on text or image to edit
  • HTML based for 2D only
  • Support for Images, Text, Galleries & Colours
  • CSS Access to enable design changes


For Embroidered Apparel
  • HTML5 layout for 2D products only
  • Designed for embroidered products
  • Supports multiple quantities & dynamic pricing
  • Tabs for Images, Text, Colours & Sizes


Ideal for Product Options
  • Product selection app for text only products
  • HTML5 App designed for 2D products
  • Options for quantity and to share product created
  • CSS Access to enable design changes


For Complex Number Fonts
  • Designed for shirt numbers
  • Where fonts are more complex than traditional fonts
  • Can handle curved text
  • Produces print artwork or just preview

Name Plate

Stepped Process for Signs
  • Easy tabbed process for text, images & preview
  • HTML5 App for 2D Products
  • Product Selector & Virtual Product Preview
  • CSS Access to enable design changes


Add Wall Size & Select Image
  • Select wall size first to create preview area
  • HTML5 App designed just for 2D wallpaper
  • Can use Uploaded Images or Gallery Images
  • CSS Access to enable design changes

Bespoke Sizes

Choose Material & Size
  • Guided process to create custom sized products
  • HTML5 App that creates dynamic 2D preview area
  • Tabs for unlimited Images, Text & Colours
  • CSS Access to enable design changes


Add Parts to Configure
  • Based on ACP3 Layout
  • HTML5 layout for 2D only
  • Unlimited parts groups / galleries can be added
  • CSS Access to enable design changes

Made to Measure

Calculate Price from Choices
  • Designed for Pictorial Attributes
  • Select option & calculates the price
  • Unlimited attributes & options
  • CSS Access to enable design changes


Search Archive & Display
  • Collects data & searches archive
  • Display options for personalisation
  • Places order & creates artwork
  • CSS Access to enable design changes


Designed for Touchscreens
  • Made for instore touchscreen
  • Product selector and large buttons
  • Generates order receipt for scan
  • CSS Access to enable design changes

Spoof Newspaper

Includes Zoom Preview
  • Based on ACP Layout
  • Includes zoomed preview for article
  • Allows different upsells
  • CSS Access to enable design changes

Each customiser can display any product using a smartlink – take a look at the presentation below to understand more about smartlinks:

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