Project Description

  • PrintPlanet are Germany’s largest retailer of personalised and print-on-demand products. After coming into contact with our platform and software, they’ve now enabled live product preview on their website.

  • Using our extensive supplier network, they are now sourcing a range of hugely successful personalised face masks. These face masks are increasingly vital during the current pandemic. PrintPlanet recognised their popularity by listing this range.

  • These have already shown to be a huge hit for PrintPlanet as they had over 800 orders within 1 month, along with the global protective face mask market is expected to surpass $21.2 Billion by 2026.

PrintPlanet, the largest retailer of personalised products in Germany, have recently expanded their range of personalised products by choosing to utilise our network to offer personalised face masks. These are set to be a hit with their customers, allowing them to protect themselves in style during this difficult time. They are offering make-shift protective mask that can be personalised with your own photo, name or desired text – with two sizes available, one suitable for adults and another for children.

These products are sure to remain hugely in demand during the current climate, and with such versatile product personalisation capabilities, every customer is able to create their own unique face mask. By listing these re-useable and unique face masks, PrintPlanet are playing their part in helping to prevent, slow and ultimately stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Please note that these masks do not comply with FFP standards. As a garment, however, they can help to reduce the distance of the breath-flow & droplet ejection, for example when speaking, sneezing or coughing.

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