Project Description

  • The Leicester City Football Club Family (LCFCFamily) have recently launched new and exciting product range harnessing the power of our Virtual Product Warehouse , the world’s largest selection of personalised and print-on-demand products.

  • Using our network, the retailer is now sourcing a large array of personalised football products.

  • Their product range is now growing considerably thanks to our VPW, and are sure to be a big hit with the fans of the LCFC Football Team, who are returning post nationwide and local lockdown.

LCFCFamily, new football retailers to accompany the Leicester City Football Club are launching a selection of personalised products by through our Virtual Product Warehouse, offering famous personalisable football product selection including t-shirts, framed prints (including autographed prints!) and ClickIt phone-stands.

More information on the Virtual Product Warehouse: The VPW offers personalised, print-on-demand and stock products for instant global dropship fulfilment with photo upload options, along with classic and licensed designs for your website and/or kiosk.

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