We understand that big is not always beautiful and everybody has to start somewhere and that one of our Custom Product Platform or Order Management System plans maybe too expensive for you to start with so we have developed the FREE Supplier plan to help you promote & sell your products. We simply charge you between 0.30p & £1 for each order line you sell so no sales no fees!

Our FREE Supplier Plan is aimed at small companies or sole traders just wanting a simple solution to sell products on multiple websites and marketplaces.

You can use our platform to manage all types of direct despatch products starting with simple options like No Preview & Virtual Stock products going right up to fully configurable customisable products .

Detailed below is a quick explanation of how it all works

Upload Your Products

By Adding Your Product Data to a Simple Pre-formatted Spreadsheet

Quick & Easy to Create Products

We provide a standard format spreadsheet for you to add your product details so you can then upload yourself via our Custom Product Platform

Add to Our Database

This is the Virtual Product Warehouse (VPW) and it creates product feeds

Create Your Product Feeds

Once you have added your products to VPW they are available to 1000s of retailers to download or for you to upload to your favourite marketplaces.  VPW is the world’s largest database of On Demand Products

Publish Anywhere

Via Leading Marketplaces, Your Own Website or via 1000s of Retailer Websites

Multiple Feed Formats Available

Your products can now be published on 1000s of different retailer websites, your own website (see Gateway Sites) if you need your own website or your favourite marketplace

Manage Orders

Order Manager Lite WIll Collect Your Orders from All Selling Platforms

All Orders Available in Same Platform

All retailer and market place orders are automatically downloaded to your Order manager and can then be printed or fulfilled in house or automatically routed to a dropship partner for fulfilment on your behalf

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If you want to sell more than just no preview or virtual stock products then take a look at the options below to see how you can create interactive live preview products or rapidly build virtual print on demand / personalised products