Over the past few years we have built hundreds of Magento websites for personalised and promotional product resellers & distributors so we are often getting asked how to optimise websites for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

To be honest we are a little frustrated with many SEO companies who suggest lots of expensive improvements to website construction rather than concentrate on the basics that can really make a difference without costing a lot so detailed below is a simple guide that we have used very successfully on our own sites to increase website visitors

Magento is already pretty well put together for SEO but here are the main things you can do to improve the on page SEO

  1. Generate an XML site map and upload to Google Webmaster tools
  2. Add your Google Analytics UA code and review the findings
  3. Set up a WordPress Blog that is integrated with your Magento website
  4. Put together a good list of key words & phrases that reflect your target market
  5. Use the Google Adwords research tool to expand your keyword list and check traffic
  6. Review your home page title tags and meta description
  7. Use the selected keywords in the web page titles for products, categories and CMS pages
  8. Use the selected keywords in the URLs on products, category and CMS pages
  9. Use the selected keywords as anchor text on products, category and CMS pages
  10. Use the selected keywords as alt tags on images / banners

None of this requires much special skills and we are happy to show any of our customers how to do this as part of their support package

If you did all of this using the right keywords then you will get more traffic – and please don’t get us wrong not all SEO companies are bad – it is just an industry with a lot of companies with their own agenda

You will also need to be patient with SEO it takes time to increase your web traffic – if you want quick results then try PPC (Pay Per Click) with the same keywords

One of the main problems with SEO is that there are so many variables that can contribute to success but you have to start somewhere and if you follow this simple list for On Page SEO you will be on the right track

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