Everybody involved in producing personalised products knows that to make money from batches of 1 your production needs to be super efficient so we think these new features in our Order Management System are a really important addition to the software that will help everybody using it to be able to produce products more cost effectively. Take a look at the list below to see how useful these might be for your business

  • Batches start auto filling as orders arrives and can be linked to a timed cut off point – so all orders can be production ready at a given time
  • Batching can now be used just to route orders to the correct machine in the factory – it does not have to merge products onto a single print job
  • Batches can have multiple cut off times during a day to suit when orders are received or production teams
  • Extra batch scan points introduced for jobsheet status update, printing, sub status, despatch to help speed up processing
  • Artwork can be collected from a hot folder, sent to a nominated printer or downloaded on demand when a bar code scanned
  • Artwork for multiple quantity orders can either be generated once or multiple times dependant on printer requirements   
  • Badge scan option introduced so you can tell who has produced and packed each order without users having to login
  • New search options introduced to help you find individual jobs from batch screen and manage production status

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