Our expert team of Onboarders will stay with you until your project is live. The Onboarders are specialist project managers who co-ordinate your interaction with our other teams until your project is live. They are driven and dedicated to ensuring your project is a success.

Richard Aurelius
Richard AureliusCOO
Penny Peak
Penny PeakOnboarder, UK
Carol Mallett
Carol MallettOnboarder, UK
Anna Britton
Anna BrittonOnboarder, UK
Helen Wilkinson
Helen WilkinsonOnboarder, UK
Cameron Mallasch
Cameron MallaschOnboarder, US
Mark Pietrazsuk
Mark PietrazsukOnboarder, US
Tim Klöcker
Tim KlöckerOnboarder, Europe
Prachi Parekh
Prachi Parekh Senior Onboarder, Asia
Daren Zhang
Daren Zhang Onboarder, Asia
Chi Wen Tan
Chi Wen TanSenior Onboarder, Asia