Once the Onboarders have helped our customers get live, they will hand over to the Support Engineers & the Explainers to make sure there is always a specialist available to help our customers. The Architects make sure our platform is robust, but there are always more ways that we can help. Our Support Engineers have many years experience and are also tasked with updating our comprehensive Knowledgebase. Just like Onboarders, they will involve other teams if and when you need extra support. The Engineers also help deliver professional services and help build specifications for more complex projects

Adam Johnston
Adam JohnstonTechnical Manager
Greig Nicol
Greig NicolWorkflow Specialist
Paul Sutton
Paul SuttonEngineer, UK
Peter Gellen
Peter GellenEngineer, UK
Alessio Müller
Alessio MüllerEngineer, Europe
Daniel Geppert
Daniel GeppertEngineer, Europe
Ridhi Saksena
Ridhi SaksenaSenior Engineer, Asia