The recently published Deloitte Consumer review has highlighted the continued growth in demand for mass personalisation so is an interesting read if you want to understand more about the market place. You can download the full report below

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This next graphic makes interesting reading and should help guide marketeers on how people currently think about personalisation

Not surprisingly the number one usage is to make great gifts – this trend is illustrated by the rise of businesses like and

Interestingly the next biggest drivers are the desire to buy something unique and have some fun creating their own products – very important to consider when creating your customiser


These next 2 graphics are very important to consider when putting together your website strategy and marketing plan

Most importantly people were prepared to pay a 20% premium for personalised products – so as long as you get your business processes right you should be able to increase profits – this is a key part of what our Order Management System (Gateway OMS)

Secondly was the point that people want guidance when creating products a lot of people are intimidated by a blank canvas and prefer to just fill in the blanks – this is what we call a pre-design


people-want-to-be-guided-when-personalising consumers-will-pay-more-for-personalisation

Hope you found some useful tips here – please take some time to read the full report as lots of useful information available here about the current trends and requirements