The best selling category of personalised products are products that feature unique designs and art created by designers. These are often called Print on Demand Products as although they are personalised by the addition of the artwork they do not allow the user to personalise themselves by repositions, zooming in or adding text

For this reason they really need a different way to display them as they do not require all the controls that enable a user to personalise online – however they do still require the ability to auto send the appropriate artwork in the correct dimensions to the printer in the same way as a traditional personalised product – so we have added a new feature to our Personalise iT product range – Print On Demand Products (previously known as unpersonalised artwork)

Our control panel now enables you to

1. Select the products from your preferred suppliers that you want to sell print on demand
2. Upload the appropriate artwork or design

It then creates

3. A 600 x 600 pixel image for displaying your product
4. Print Ready artwork for sending to the printer when the product is orders
5. CSV file for uploading to your eCommerce store with product and artwork details

This way you can add hundreds of products to your website quickly and easily

So if you are looking to increase the sales on your website then print on Demand products need to be part of your thinking as well as personalised, photo upload and wet plate products