Reinvent Your Customer Experience Post-COVID

Coronavirus has caused mass devastation across all walks of life and business is only one element of a much bigger and more uncertain picture. But one thing is for certain, there has never been a better time to reinvent your customer experience once all of this has come to an end. Make your customer experience safer and more efficient today, with our in-store solutions.

Custom Product Cards

Our first, and safest solution to offer your customers exciting personalised products are Custom Product Cards. By 2025, the global gift card market is expected to reach a staggering $510 Billion USD. Particularly during these times, product cards that reduce physical contact with various products are a simple and effective way of boosting in-store revenue as restrictions start to lift. They can be branded with your name, logo and custom pricing, making them ideal for any retailer looking to sell personalised products in-store.

But what are they? Well it couldn’t be easier. Your customers simply pay for their custom product card in-store, and begin personalising their chosen product online via the unique QR code on the back. When the customer has personalised their product, they can add it to their basket and it will be dropshipped directly to them at home or to the store for collection. Sounds good right?

Introducing Custom Product Cards

Not only this, but the simplicity of these cards removes the need for in-store kiosks and time-consuming training for staff on how to use them, making them cost-effective and safe, as you don’t need to sanitize a kiosk every time they’re used. Taking up little room, these can be displayed on a small stand, saving vital shop floor space for more of your products and giving your customers space to move around freely.

Create Unforgettable Live Experiences

If you really want to revolutionise your customer’s experience when they come to your store, why not offer live in-store personalisation? You only have to look at the likes of AFC AJAX, Manchester United and Arsenal who have all harnessed our technology to give their in-store customers unforgettable experiences to treasure forever. Customers can get their own photograph taken in the shop, and using this photograph, can create personalised merchandise unique to them. Read more about this here.


The Future is Bright for In-Store Experiences

Find out how we can help you make the most of your physical stores, and reap the rewards of personalisation.