Like it or not, you need social media to develop and protect your reputation, and to grow your business. Custom Gateway can help you achieve this!

When using social media for your startup or small business, the most important thing to remember is that social media is a marathon, not a sprint. So many people think that it’s a quick easy way to see your company thrive- don’t make that mistake. You have to have the ability to define your audience and choose the best platform to reach them on.

When it comes to using social media marketing to build your business, the worst action is no action, and your biggest problem is being invisible. As long as you’re part of the conversation on the social Web, even if a portion of this is negative, you can hear what’s being said about you and have the chance to change negative perceptions about your business. But if no one is talking about you, you have no chance for growth. That means you need to get involved on the social Web as soon as possible, not only to capitalise on the opportunities that are readily available for your business, but also to develop and protect your reputation.

It’s a good idea to start with a plan that has realistic goals to keep you on track. If you start down a path on the social Web and hate what you’re doing, you can change things around instantly, minimising any financial risk for your business. Just as you change networking and conversational approaches in person, you can do so on the social Web so don’t let social media scare you. The only differences are that on social media, you’re talking through your keyboard, and your potential audience is much, much larger.

The webinar will run through some hints and tips as to how we have seen Social Media used to make businesses develop and grow at a rapid rate.