Even if you’re self-isolating at the moment, you can still enjoy these wonderful personalised gifts from PMC and Great Gifts this Easter. Perfect for yourself or to send to loved ones who might be lonely this holiday season. Give the gift of love and show you care.

For those with a sweet tooth, Great Gifts has a huge selection of candy and confectionery gifts on offer, from impressive jars of sweets perfect for evening binge-watching, or the practical and delicious pack of letterbox sweets in a variety of flavours! The latter simply slides through your letterbox, ideal for this era of social-distancing.

For those who don’t want to brave the cold this Easter, why not snuggle up to your partner with a couple’s tea set for two, coming in a gorgeous personalised case, that you can use year after year. Put the kettle and enjoy these personalised products from Great Gifts.

PMC are also offering some wonderful Easter gifts for your loved ones, for the kids, there are fantastic personalised pencil cases, perfect for when home-schooling is in session or simply colouring in! Not to mention the incredible personalised Easter confectionery jars that can have any chosen name added to the front sticker. And for the grown ups, PMC have thoughtfully designed engraved picture frames, ideal to give to loved ones who might be lonely or separated during these times.

So show you’re thinking of them this Easter with these wonderful products from our supplier network. If you’re interested in these products, and want to sell them, get in touch with us today, here:

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