The third step to embracing on-demand is a requirement for all successful on-demand workflows. Ensuring designs can be quickly and efficiently generated is vital in speeding up the process, and streamlining costs.

Whether you’re creating custom artwork for personalized apparel, or simply utilising some of your existing brand assets, wherever possible, you should make the process of artwork generation and swift as possible. Ensuring artwork can be automatically generated can speed up production processes and cut costs. This way, you can quickly create custom artwork from a user’s personalized choices, or ensure that print files are correctly associated to an order.

For fulfillers, implementing barcode scanning, with the *bleep* of a handheld scanner or even your mobile device, artwork can be generated on-screen, ready to be applied to your chosen product.

It’s worth noting that barcodes don’t have to be used just for automatic art generation. You can also implement barcode scanning when sending jobs to the printer, directly, meaning you scan and print in seconds!

Reducing the number of steps involved enables your workflow to be ultra fast and can save you and your team hours each and every day. Not only does it increase efficiency, but it also reduces the risk of potential human error, and we’ve all been there.

And so, with automatic artwork generation, your workflow can run like a well oiled machine as you send your products to be printed.

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