Create 2D Blank Template

Add Unlimited Customisable Options to a 2D Photograph or Image Supplied

Service Details

If you do not have the time or skills we can create your 2D products for you. Either from existing images or taking new photos

Create 3D Blank Template

Create Interactive 3D Model from 6 Photographs Supplied & Add Customisable Options

Service Details

We can create an interactive 3D model of your product from either 6 images or by scanning your product ith our 3D scanner

Personalised Templates

Create a Personalised (Pre-designed) Template from Your Supplied Design

Service Details

Apply your personalised design to an existing 2D or 3D product so that it can be personalised online to create print ready artwork

Create Print on Demand

Apply a Fixed Design to a Product for On Demand Fulfilment

Service Details

Add a fixed design to an existing 2d or 3D product so that it can be sold online for on demand fulfilment

2D Blank Template

£1000per product
  • From supplied images & customisation details
  • Price for single view/page add £3 for each additional view
  • If photography required £5 per product extra

3D Blank Model

£3500per product
  • From 6 supplied images & customisation details
  • Add £10 if photos needed & £5 for additional textures
  • If doing own template & just model required £25 per product

Personalised Template

£500per template
  • From supplied design & personalisation details
  • Based on using existing 2D or 3D products from the database & using standard text, image areas or colours
  • Add £5 if image area masking or advanced text formatting needed

Print on Demand

£1000per design
  • From supplied design for unlimited suitable products
  • Based on using existing products from database with correct aspect ratio

Production Templates

Custom Print Layout Setup

Create Customised Print Layout for Multiple Image / Page Products

Service Details

We can layout artwork so the output is print ready for any product that requires a specific format. This includes crop marks, colour registration and multiple images / pages in a specific format

Production Batch Template Setup

Create a Production Sheet for Multiple Products Printed Together

Service Details

We can set up a production batch template to print multiple orders as a single print job. Template can feature dynamic data such as order number, product name and barcode as well as crop marks / colour registration test images

Print Layout

£2500per template
  • Each layout is specific to a product
  • Price includes print test and is based on print specification provided

Production Batch

£2500per template
  • Batch templates can apply to multiple products
  • Price includes print test and is based on print specification provided

Example Products

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