The personalised gift market, in the UK alone, is now worth over £1Billion, according to a 2019 study from Deloitte. With the market on the rise, now has never been a better time to begin listing products like the ones on offer from leading bespoke-engraved products supplier, Corporate Executive Gifts.

Who are CEG?

Corporate Executive Gifts (CEG) are one of the UK’s largest independent specialist importers and stockists of executive gifts primarily manufactured in Metal, Leather, PU and Glass. All of their products are available to sell from our Virtual Product Warehouse. Our Virtual Product Warehouse (VPW) is home to the world’s largest collection of personalised and on-demand products. Below is a selection of their best-selling products:

Their products are incredibly versatile for any special occasions, from Father’s Day, to birthdays, to anniversaries, the possibilities are limitless thanks to their ever-expanding product selection.

With over 40 years of experience offering state of the art laser engraving on a variety of metal and glass, among other materials, CEG pride themselves in producing bespoke, quality and intricate personalised and on-demand products.

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