Detailed below is an overview of the order import and order routing options in Gateway OMS. In simple terms, once an order has reached order manager you can either make it yourself (Production) or send it somewhere else for dropship fulfilment (Send to Supplier).

On Demand Order Routing Process



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Sent to Supplier

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Fulfilment Options Supported

Production Batching & Layouts

If you are a supplier or producing your own products then our Production system may well be of interest to you. it has been designed especially for helping making order quantities of 1 profitable by enabling you to auto generate artwork, auto layout artwork position and batch jobs together to help you increase your productivity

Detailed below is a brief explanation of print layouts and print batches but you can get more details on our Understand On Demand Workflow page or by downloading our OMS Product Guide 


What Types Of Products Are Supported?

Print Layouts

Can be set on individual products where you have either multiple print areas or specific crop or positioning requirements on an individual sheet – you can position each area and even upload a background

They are mainly used for products like

  • Greetings Cards
  • Calendars
  • Phone Skins

When you want to add multiple products to a template from different orders please see section below on Batch Templates – Print Layouts are designed for a single product at a time

If you want to add a background to a print layout and do not want to use a batch template then you can add an extra print/surface area to the product  and disable it from the user interface but use it in the artwork


Production Batch Templates

Artwork from separate orders can automatically be put into batch templates and queued ready for production based on the rules you set up. This can either be used for grouping products or allocating jobs to different machines – an on screen filter can then be applied to select which jobs are visible

  • By default screen only displays orders that have not been downloaded – so orders not already being produced or outstanding orders
  • If you want to re-print an old template you can put a tick in the “include download” box to view all previous production templates
  • To download a template either click the PDF icon next to the batch , use the “=” key to download a few templates or select the download all option in the drop down menu
  • Please note if you have a lot of orders it is not recommended to select the “Download All” option as dependant on the internet connection and size of artwork each templates could take several minutes to download
  • Once downloaded the production template will disappear from your list unless the “include downloaded” box is ticked
  • The downloaded template should now be printed onto the film ready for production
  • Each template can feature individual or a single barcode for managing workflow

PRINT-iT Automated Artwork Options

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