Sometimes it seems a simple option to get your web developer to create a personalisation option for your website or spend a few pounds on an open source bit of code but as we hope the list below illustrates there are quite a few points to consider – as the World’s No1 supplier of product personalisation apps we will keep adding new features (free to our customers) and remember this is just the front end functionality there is lot more to consider for printing and artwork generation

Take a look at the list below it should be a useful guide on the features you need to consider when you want to sell product personalisation apps

  1. Multi image areas within a view – left chest / right chest
  2. Display as 3D Model
  3. Option to design in 2D then preview in 3D
  4. Select different apps for different product types
  5. Display as Page X of X for book style products
  6. Display and add parts or components
  7. Add Image Backgrounds
  8. Add lifestyle images for products
  9. Upload images from Computer – supports jpg, png, psd, eps & pdf
  10. User Gallery – user uploads images
  11. Upload images from Logo Gallery – site owner uploads
  12. Upload images from Clip Art or Open Source Librarary – 180,000 free images
  13. Upload images from Social Networks – Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Flickr
  14. Upload images from external drives like Dropbox, Google Drive & One Drive
  15. Upload images from mobile devices using QR codes
  16. Upload images from external gallery like Amazon S3
  17. Display full print area as dotted line around product – to aid design and show bleed
  18. Resize, Rotate and Move image controls
  19. Check Image Resolution
  20. Drag & drop images into collage templates
  21. Decide image fit mode when aspect ratio different
  22. Image Masking Options for different shapes
  23. Image duplicates to multiple areas
  24. Image can be retained when product changed
  25. Placeholder images help make products look better and aid useability
  26. Auto load first logo in gallery
  27. Disclaimer that you have the rights to use the image
  28. Restrict what image types can be uploaded / used
  29. Add Image Galleries
  30. Gallereies can be a separate tab or on image tab
  31. Can have single or multiple galleries
  32. Each product can have own gallery if required
  33. Gallery source can be external image library or maintained by site owner
  34. Galleries can be auto update by user
  35. Gallery can be changed per image area per product
  36. Images can be used as print on demand components
  37. Bulk upload tool for multiple images to populate gallery
  38. Add text can also select font, size & colour
  39. Text can be rotated, curved, moved and scaled
  40. Text auto resize to fit box
  41. Text auto start new line for multi line text boxes
  42. Text auto justify or auto case correct
  43. Restrict to only choose from a text list
  44. Spell check
  45. Profanity filter
  46. Single input but display in multiple places
  47. Auto Text shuffle vertical and horizontal
  48. Same layout different text for multiple print jobs
  49. Upload own fonts or choose from any Google Font
  50. Image and Picture fonts available
  51. Add text outlines / strikes
  52. Add effect to onscreen image to simulate a finish like embroidery
  53. Add effect to product to illustrate limitation eg 1 colour
  54. Add effect product to change appearance of photo eg Sepia
  55. Add effect product to change price
  56. Add different effects to separate areas either text or image
  57. Decide if effect is added to artwork
  58. Spot colour effects
  59. Change text colour
  60. Change colour of whole product
  61. Change colour of parts of product
  62. Change texture so show unique combinations
  63. Change colour opacity to improve visual appearance when changing
  64. Separate tab per colour area option to make easier user interface
  65. Change one colour area with option to auto update other colour areas
  66. Add global help text
  67. Add help text per product
  68. Add help text in multiple languages
  69. Add Product Selector by product
  70. Add Product Selector by sub category
  71. Add Product Selector by category
  72. Add Product Selector by template
  73. Display by image or text list
  74. Create dropdowns for attributes like size
  75. Attributes can be displayed as a text list or as images
  76. Can update pricing based on attribute
  77. Attributes can have own SKUs
  78. Multiple attributes can display per product
  79. Add parts categories to select a part from
  80. Add parts to these categories
  81. Add colours to these parts
  82. Add text and images to configurable product created as required
  83. Add to cart option
  84. Add to cart with quantity
  85. Add to cart multiple sizes
  86. Add to cart paypal direct / shopping cart single page only
  87. Save Image
  88. Download Artwork
  89. Preview in 2D or 3D
  90. Share on Social Networks
  91. Make Enquiry
  92. Confirm have read the terms & conditions
  93. Warning if not completed all fields
  94. Warning if not filled image area
  95. Pricing & Information Options via API to eCommerce website
  96. Dynamic pricing per print position
  97. Dynamic pricing by print colours
  98. Dynamic pricing by branding / effect
  99. Product name & Product description from database
  100. Tiered pricing discounts for volume purchase
  101. Minimum quantity support
  102. Change system terminology / wording
  103. Add translation for any language
  104. Change language per product or app or website
  105. Add external CSS to make the app resemble your website
  106. Change tab order or position (certain apps only)
  107. 12 standard app layouts or have bespoke created

For more details please take a look at the full Product Guide