Gateway 3D is passionate about integrations! Why, not only do we use them in our own business, we make them for us customers.

Why do we use them? There is no such thing as ‘One System’ that does everything a business needs. Specialist companies tend to do specialist bits.

For example our accounts system does quotes, its just not very good at them, so we use a professional quotation package. Now great we have best in class on both, but does that mean someone is now duplicating information on quotes orders and invoices? No because we have integrated them to gain the efficiency. Efficiency means we have saved time and money, and got accurate information from cradle to grave.

Of course integrations can also mean sales opportunities too. Integrate with a Market place like Amazon, Etsy or Not On The High Street, then not only can you publish items for sale efficiently you can take orders efficiently.

Gateway 3D recent webinar explored 8 different types of integrations, which will make your business more efficient or bring sale opportunities. The webinar explores all the following integrations:

1. Carrier / Shipping Integrations
2. Ecommerce integrations
3. Marketplace Integrations
4. Social Media Integrations
5. Retailer Integrations
6. Printer / Rip Software Integrations
7. Kiosk Integrations
8. Gateway 3D’s OMS (Over 3,000 active companies this year!)