Promoting products via email broadcast is a key part of the marketing mix so being able to link directly to PERSONALISE-iT Apps is a very important feature. This can be achieved by using our smartlink technology to link directly to a product not on a website or by linking to a webpage featuring our app

Typical Smartlink Applications

Limited Edition Products

Special Event Products

Special Image Products

Product Selectors

Other Useful eMail Applications


What are Smartlinks & How to Create Them for eMails


If you do not have a customisable products ecommerce website then you can also use PERSONALISE-iT smartlinks in emails to sell customisable products from emails, social networks and blogs

  • All smart links can be used either with or without an ecommerce website
  • Smart links need a paypal account or shopping cart
  • Smartlinks can also be turned into QR codes for posters and adverts
  • To find out how to set up a smartlink visit our knowledgebase
  • Smartlinks are normally non branded but can be added in an iframe – view an example