As part of Custom Gateway‘s Create Sell Print Roadshow programme we signed up for the Newtech Events in London and Leeds, where we have been able to meet a great range of visitors.

Newtech are small, relaxed, trade events with venues all over the UK, which offer you the opportunity to meet a great range of leading manufacturers within niche markets and spend time with each to understand the benefits of their products and how their services can benefit you and your company. Each group works together on a collaborative basis showing the latest technology and new ideas that are evolving on a daily basis.

Although we provide tools for web use, we are always keen to meet, discuss, demonstrate and explain in person. Custom Gateway are constantly developing our platform and improving the services we offer based on your feedback.

The video below demonstrates what three clients thought of the shows and also of meeting Custom Gateway. If you want to know more about our other roadshows and weekly webinars, then please take a look at our events page on the website.