In Gateway OMS we have a comprehensive off the shelf system designed especially for the management of orders and artwork for personalised & customised products.

However not all suppliers need a full system as they may have their own systems or just have a very basic requirement for order management so we have developed Order Manager Lite. In Gateway OMS V2 we have upgraded the interface & functionality of Order Manager Lite to make it easier and quicker for suppliers to use.

Order Manager Lite is available free of charge to all Gateway CPP subscribers and is also used by suppliers simply looking to download / process orders from retailers that use the Custom Gateway Software. Users can also upgrade to Order & Workflow Manager if they are looking for more functionality

Order Management System (OMS)

Is our full Order & Workflow Management Software that enables suppliers to manage every aspect of a production facility for customised and on demand products. It covers everything you need to run a production facility for a mass customisation business you can find full package details on our Gateway OMS overview page

Order Manager Lite

Has been designed to enable quick download of both artwork and supplier delivery notes by clicking the grey icons next to each order. It also allows you to bulk download address labels, update order status to confirm receipt or despatch, search / view order details and to add an carrier tracking ID

Main Business Applications

Supplier Management

Dropship suppliers working for a retailer using Gateway OMS can login to collect orders, download artwork, update order status and print paperwork without needing their own license for our software. Extra functionality is available dependant on commercial agreements

Instore Print Management

If you are managing an instore production facility you do not need a full order manager but will need a list of jobs to print and reprint. Order Manager Lite is perfect for collecting / printing artwork and managing your orders