We have developed a pretty powerful toolset that we think can enable the set up of almost any product for online customisation or personalisation. We have well over 100 options that can be set on an individual product so thought it was important to provide a clear framework below of the main factors you need to consider when setting up your products

Our software allows you to set up product templates for all the main types of personalised, configurable, print on demand or customised products

1. Target Market


Selling direct to the public needs a quick simple customisation tool
Consumers also want previews – they want to see what they are buying


Selling to the trade often needs more complex options / choices
Pricing options and saved designs for reorder are also important

2. Type of Personalisation

Text Only

Fixed designs or templates where you can just change or add text eg Your Name

Text & Image

Any combination of text fields and / or image uploads to a fixed design / template

Choose from Gallery

Fixed designs or templates where you cannot upload your own images or text but can select from a list or gallery of options

Fixed Design

No personalisation but unique designs or images are uploaded so products can be sold as print on demand

Blank Canvas

You just set printable areas and then decide what customers are able to do – unlimited image, text, texture or colour

3. Number of Designs

Also known as personalised these are products where you can alter some elements of an existing designSee Examples
This is where you create a predesign to a certain aspect ratio and then apply this to multiple products See Examples


This is where you use photos to represent different colours, backgrounds or textures – can also be combined with design options
Here you can have a single product and then call different images to display with different designs – so 100s of virtual products from one productsSee Examples

Gallery Load

AUto load first image from gallery or offer gallery of designs to add to a single product – again 1 SKU 100s of designs

4. Display Requirements

Standard eCommerce

No front end display changes just looks like a normal product – the print on demand process is triggered in backend of software

No Preview

Capture the personalisation options but no display of preview – designed for fast on boarding of text based personalisation
Live Vorschau - ein Beispiel

Live Preview

Need to set up a product template with customisation areas so you can display a live preview on screen as personalisation choices made

Delayed Preview

Personalisation captured on product page then sent to preview tool so designed for simple text based products only

Product Selector

Sometimes easier to have multiple products that can be selected prior to personalisation rather than too many complex options

5. Other Product Configuration Options

As well as print or decoration options there quite a lot of additional product related options that may need to be considered when deciding the best way to create your products


The checklist below contains a series of question that should enable you to decide how to create your products

  • List down all the elements of a product you want to personalise
  • Consider how many options the product may have like colour or size
  • Does the product have a single price or does the price need to change dependant on the personalisation applied
  • Will the orders for the product need to go into a stock management system?
  • Consider options like dynamic designs if the same design is needed on a range or similar products
  • Consider how you want your product to display on the website = this can effect product set up too