What are Smartcodes?

They are a range of different codes and processes that tell Gateway OMS how to process an on demand order when it is received from an ecommerce website. They require no changes to your website front end as everything is processed on our servers making it quicker and easier to implement an on demand business model

Why Use Smartcodes?

  • To enable you to sell personalised products when you do not have the flexibility to make changes to your website (by adding a Smartlink)
  • When you want to create print ready artwork but do not need an onscreen preview
  • To enable you to sell dropship or direct despatch products without needing to undertake large scale inhouse back office development projects
  • When speed of implementation is critical for your business

Smartcode Types

SKU Match & SKU Map

Use the same SKUs or use our SKU map to match to CPP product to enable on demand stock fulfilment

Field Mapping

Use field mapping if you already have all the elements needed for a personalised product and want us to build and distribute the artwork

POD Codes

POD (Print on Demand) codes are generated in CPP when you have preloaded artwork and are used to aid workflow

External Artwork Links

Similar to POD codes but used if you prefer to store artwork outside of CPP on your own servers

Stock Variants

Used when you tell us SKU creation rules so we can make sure the right product gets ordered even if not all the SKUs are on your website

For Smartcodes to work your products must exist in Gateway CPP (so we know the rules for order distribution and/or artwork generation) and you must have the ability to to send orders to Gateway OMS either as a simple CSV upload or by using full API integration

Remember smartcodes are the easiest way to start selling on demand products for a more comprehensive approach you need to take a look at Smartlinks

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Want to know more about Smartcodes?

Visit our knowledgebase for more information on the different smartcodes
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