Virtual or Dynamic Products are a great new concept that enable you to create hundreds of products from a single product or SKU. Using our standard smartlink builder you can just call a product from the Gateway CPP and add a publicly hosted image to the link

Here is how this works

1. Standard Smartlink for a blank product

2. Then add an image URL to the end of the link

View Link

3. Now you can configure the link to limit the product functionality if you are selling print on demand

Take a look at a dynamic print on demand product on a website – it just looks like any other product

Now using the same product we will create 3 different products by just changing the image URL – take a look at an example on a website none of these products actually exist they are created dynamically

  • Use for Predesigned or Print on Demand Products
  • New option to select gallery image from smartlink builders makes links faster to create
  • Artwork still auto created in Order Manager once order placed
  • Ideal for products with the same price where you do not want to create lots of separate SKUs