Book Service

When Order Ready for Despatch

Save Time Inputting into Other Systems

There are 2 main ways to book the carrier service using Gateway OMS

1. Scan order bar code
2. Create & import csv file

Print Labels

Auto Print Carrier Labels in Right Format

No Additional Time Needed Retrieving Labels

Gateway OMS can either retrieve or generate the correct format despatch labels when you either scan to confirm despatch or select multiple orders to print

Get Tracking Code

Added Back to Order After Label Printed

No Manual Input of Tracking Numbers They Are on Every Order

This option works for both Shipping APIs and csv upload (where supported) and saves time both by reducing manual data input and time spent managing customer service

OMS is integrated with many different carriers and not just the list you see below. By using services like Ship Station, Parcelbright & Metapack we connect with many more than just the list below. New carrier integrations can be added as bespoke development or via our API

Current Carrier & Shippers Supported

Notification Integrations

There are 2 different types of notifications that can be used by our systems. Our product personalisation apps can be integrated with Live Chat Software and OMS can send notifications confirming when an order has been placed and also when it has been despatched.

SMS Notifications

Buy Text Credits & Then Auto Send SMS Notification

eMail Notifications

Free service to send email notifications
Support your customers live as they use your customisation tools online More Details


Other Useful Integrations