Personalised Product Kiosks are an ideal way to enable retailers to sell personalised and customised products instore. These types of products have traditionally been sold online but as their popularity has increased so has the demand for solutions to sell them instore. Detailed below is our range of option from budget tablet kiosks starting at £500 to integrated kiosks with printers to full Green Screen packages

Use our Point of Sale Smartlink on any internet enabled device to start selling products instore. Used in all packages or on your own equipmentMore Details
The most cost effective way to start selling personalised products instore. Will need a WiFi connection and designed for dropship fulfilmentMore Details
Full sized Windows touchscreen WIFI kiosk with option for integrated receipt printer / chip & pin designed for both instore & dropship productionMore Details
Branded Photo Booths to enable the easy creation of green screen prints instore or at a special event More Details
Packages includes backdrop, camera, lighting, printer & software basically all you need to take photos & make green screen gifts instore More Details
Cards include a smartlink to enable the full personalisation of a product and can be branded for certain designs or retailers More Details

Quick Guide to Kiosk Types Available

POS Smartlink Configuration Options

All our standard apps can be used for instore kiosks by using the point of sale configuration option. Detailed below are some examples of the different display options that can be used

Product Selector Split Screen

Choose product from options on right and see live preview on the left

Product Selector Full Screen

Choose category then product then personalise product

Single Product Only Display

Quick & easy just start personalising straight away

Designs Driven Selector

Browse by multi options designs, products or search

Photo Print Upload

Upload photos first and then select products to print

Fulfilment Options

We have partnered with leading printer and blank product suppliers to offer a full range of products that can be personalised on our software and produced instore. Including our market leading green screen print products and photo giftsOptions Explained
There are hundreds of personalised products that can be sold via our instore kiosks available through our global network of dropship suppliers. People personalise instore then the products are delivered back to store or direct to their home addressDropship Network Options

Instore & Dropship

On a product by product basis you can choose different fulfilment options for your kiosk. Some products can be produced instore and a wider range made available for dropship fulfilment.

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