There has been a lot of talk of the next industrial revolution and for many Industry 4.0 is considered to be the 4th Industrial revolution. When you start to look at what Industry 4.0 means then you cannot avoid the topic of mass customisation.

In fact the only reason that Mass Customisation is possible is Industry 4.0 – Combined with the Internet of Things the ability to personalise a product to an individual consumers requirements but still employ mass production techniques is one of the main elements that make up Industry 4.0

The graphic below illustrates well the different stages of the industrial revolution

Gateway OMS is an ideal tool to help you implement smart manufacturing – it is cloud based, integrated with both systems and machines and designed just for helping you manufacture pers0nalised & customised products profitably

The key principles you need from a mass customisation production system and all core principles of Gateway OMS are listed below

  1. Integrated with multiple websites & marketplaces to make order placement automatic
  2. Automatic retrieval and / or generation of artwork
  3. Automated batching and allocation of orders direct to printers / workstations
  4. Automatic status update to all stakeholders as the order progresses
  5. Integration with carrier systems for seamless despatch
  6. Accounts integration so reduced admin for managing sales, purchases and accounts

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