Other Business Models Possible with Our Software

End Users Create From Scratch

Used for Photo Gifting & Promotional Products Websites

End Users Modify An Existing Design

Used for Personalised Gift or Configurable Fashion Product Websites

End Users Choose from Image Galleries

Designers or artists display their work in galleries to enable them to be added to different products online

End Users Sign Off a Proof

B2B Customers visit a website to sign off an online proof created for them

End Users Choose From Fixed Designs

Popular business model where designs are preloaded to products to increase choice but only printed on demand

Image Owners Exploit their Assets

Newspapers or other image archive owners sell their images on a full range of products online

Charity & Crowd Funding

Supporter create products which are then sold to raise money for the nominated charity or organisation

Automation of Manual Process

Products like uniforms are created and proofed online instead of a manual process making the job more profitable

Brand Building & Promotion

Micro sites for big brands to enable them to reward their customers with personalised products

Retailers Offer More Choices & Options

Products can be configured online and made to order offer the consumer a truly personalised product

Useful Case Studies

Helping Scribbler Deliver Different Types of Personalised Cards

If you have a bit of wicked sense of humour then you may well already be a fan of Scribbler Cards so we were really excited to get the chance to work on the personalisation […]

Personalised Powerbanks Harness a Full Screen Customiser

Powerbanks are one of the best selling tech accessory products on the market so they are a great idea for a personalised gift so it was really good to see personalisedpowerbank.co.uk launch with a great product selection […]

Tesco Photo Gets A Refresh

Tesco the UK’s largest retailer and a significant player in the UK Photo Printing & Photo Gifts Market has updated their website this month using our range of smartlink personalisation apps and product customisers. Tescophoto.com […]

Personalised Sega Takes Sonic to the Next Level

Very pleased to see the launch of the new Personalised Sega Website we think it is a great demonstration of how you take an iconic brand like Sonic the Hedgehog and roll out a great […]

Introducing Personalised Cakes from Cakey Monster

This is a great idea and brilliant use of our software combined with some good quality web development. Welcome to Cakey Monster. On this website you get to select from a great selection of handmade cakes, […]

New Varsity Punk Site Launches On Demand T-Shirts

With the global market for t-shirts worth billions and our technology making it easy to produce them on demand then all you need is some great designs to start selling. So we are delighted to see […]