The market for printing unique designs or artwork on a wide range of products is continuing to expand and creating new revenue opportunities for brands, licensors, designers and artists. As the name suggest no actual stock is needed as everything is printed on demand so the only real overhead is the cost of creating your thumbnail image and print ready artwork. This is where we come into our own at Custom Gateway

We have created a tool to do this for you meaning you can create hundreds of products in minutes if you follow these guidelines

  1. Understand there are 3 basic sizes of artwork area on products – square, A4 portrait or A4 landscape – create artwork for each type if you want to do a full range of products
  2. If you just want to do a limited range it is possible to search our CPP for just products suitable for a single type of print area and then use just these
  3. Uploading a gallery is also an option that should be considered – in this case you only need to add a single product to your website then upload your images to a gallery and associate that gallery with the product – you can disable editing so that people can just add your different images to a product
  4. If using a gallery instead of creating a print on demand product you still need to consider the three main print area types
  5. Galleries can also be used with a product selector so website customers can select a product with the same print area type add their chosen image from the gallery and then select different products
  6. Try not to use designs that have details near to the edges that would look odd if cropped – the system uses automated rules to resize artwork for example different sized phone cases
  7. Try to keep your file sizes under 2MB – we create artwork at 300 dpi so unless you are doing larger products like towels your artwork should not need to be any bigger and this will make your thumbnail and print ready atywork bigger than it needs to be
  8. Base product templates have 3 basic rules for applying your images – actual size, fit to smallest side or fit to largest side – if the mode chosen does not suit your application then a special base template could be created
  9. We have 1000s of suitable templates so do create a wide range of products and not limit yourself to a few – it takes very little extra effort to create a lot more product options and costs you nothing

If you keep these tips in mind you will be able to upload your artwork and download your products in minutes eliminating the only time consuming tasks for creating print on demand products

For more details on how the tool works take a look at the product types page on our website

How long does it take to create the different types of products?

Product Type Requirement Time Needed
Print On Demand (No Personalisation) Image with correct aspect ratio 30 seconds per product
Gallery Driven Product Gallery of Images

Use Example – 10 Products

2 minutes per template / divided by number of images in gallery

2 minutes / So could be 20 seconds

Predesign with Text in Same Position Need Template set up and create using POD then modify font in back end Same as POD (30 seconds per product) plus 30 seconds to change font)

1 minute

Unique Predesign Use Predesign Tool and Hyperlink to admin to update available fonts & colours 2 minutes
New Base Customisable Template Setting up a new base template from provided images 15 minutes