Aurebesh Language Helps Illustrate Font Options Available in Gateway CPP

The range of fonts available and the ability to add your own fonts is a key strength of our Custom Product Platform. The example below illustrates this well – if you add your text you will see it change on […]

Setting New Standards for Personalising Products in 3D

Back in 2010 we were the first people to offer a 3D product personalisation / customisation tool using flash which we soon upgraded to HTML5 as it became clear that iOS was going to become the nail in the coffin […]

Amazon Marketplace Integration Now Live for Products & Orders

The Amazon marketplace is probably the leading eCommerce sales platform in the world for on demand products with millions sold everyday so we thought it was important that you could both publish your print on demand products from Gateway CPP […]

Introducing Ceres – Our New Full Screen Responsive Customiser

Having lots of different ways to display your products is important so having a wide selection of different customisers is mission critical for us. The introduction of Ceres to our range of standard personalisation apps brings our off the shelf […]

Understanding Our Different Personalisation Apps

When it comes to personalising different products online can one customisation interface or online product configurator work for them all?

In simple terms the answer is “No” no single product designer or customiser can be ideal for every type of product […]

Introducing Product Configurators and Dynamic Categories Webinar

A key area of Gateway’s culture is explaining all the different options available within our software for product configuration and introducing new features as we develop them.

Understanding product configuration, what a configurator is and what is available in both Live and No Preview Products to […] – Plain or Personalised?

Always good to see our technology used on some well known brands so pleased to see the new website launched giving customers the option to either buy print on demand Disney Character products or personalised the same designs

This new […]

Great New Options for B2B Customisers

On screen customisation tools have been used on B2C websites for many years but have not been as popular on B2B websites – probably because important features needed for the B2B marketplace have not been available.

We are now delighted to […]

Introducing Virtual Products – The Fastest Way to Create Dynamic Print on Demand & Personalised Products

Virtual or Dynamic Products are a great new concept that enable you to create hundreds of products from a single product or SKU. Using our standard smartlink builder you can just call a product from the Gateway CPP and add […]

New Field Sales Team Smartlink Configuration

An increased use of tablets by sales people in the field has lead to an increasing demand for a specialist personalisation app to allow people on the road to create products with their customers then save and share the results. […]

Advanced Text Editing Options for Web2Print

Over the past 12 months we have been busy adding lots of new features for the auto processing and manipulating of text in our Product Personalisation Apps. We think it is now fair to say we have a more advanced […]

Introducing Dynamic Designs

Dynamic Designs (also called template within a template) are a great new feature to enable you to re-use a pre-design or personalisable design on a wide range of different products without needing to set up a unique product for each […]

Pixabay & Fotolia Integration Added

We have just added 2 new image sources to our Product Personalisation Apps to enable your customers to select images from industry leading sources. Detailed below are the 2 new options – these add extensive photo libraries to the clip […]

Using CSS to Make Your Customiser Your Own

In a world where people are becoming increasingly used to using specialist tools like our product personalisation apps there is always the danger that websites can look very similar that is why we now have 10 Standard Templates and the […]

67 Different Configuration Options You Can Set via &c= in your Smartlink

After our recent article on 100+ standard features we got a lot of feedback saying how useful this was  – so thought we would take the time to explain the options available from the &c= variable in your Personalise-iT Smartlink […]

100+ Off the Shelf Features for Your Personalisation App

Sometimes it seems a simple option to get your web developer to create a personalisation option for your website or spend a few pounds on an open source bit of code but as we hope the list below illustrates there […]

Make Sure People Understand They Can Customise Your Products with Placeholders

When you are selling customisable products you really need to make sure it is clear that is what they are – too many sites now days show pictures of finished designs or blank products that can be customised – poor […]

Making Personalisation Fun with Custom Loading Icons

Creating personalised or customisable products online should be fun – if your customer enjoys the process then they are likely to come back, recommend to friends and complete their purchase. When loading a customiser or product builder it is always […]

PRINT-iT Auto Digitisation for Embroidery Coming Soon

Traditionally most embroiders have sent off artwork files for digitisation and although a skilled digitiser is still better than just a computer we think our new online service can save companies a lot of time and money by auto digitising…

Create 3D Previews from Personalised 2D Products

As our name suggest we know a little bit about creating 3D products – these are great for displaying certain types of products but not always the easiest way to design a product (works well on some but not all)…

More New Image Fonts Released to Help with Product Designs

We have just released another batch of fun image fonts to help you create exciting designs – here are a few examples below just click on the links and you can have a play Watching the Paint Dry Graffiti on…