Every product / colour can have its own unique URL that opens a different customiser layout and configurationSee Smartlink Examples
CSS can be used to style the customiser to make sure it fits with your websiteView Example Apps
This is how you get the virtual sample and artwork from the smartlink / customiserTechnical Details
A JSON Post is required to trigger artwork generation and delivery of an order direct to the supplier if requiredTechnical Details

Adding PERSONALISE-iT Apps to your website is easy with our JSON Restful API.

As detailed above there are just a few easy steps – click on the links below for the full technical details

  1. Add our PERSONALISE-iT Smartlinks (URLs) to your webpage
  2. Set up a callback page to capture the thumbnail and artwork file details from the smartlink so can be added to website shopping cart
  3. Confirm when order paid for to generate the artwork files and trigger order delivery to the dropship supplier or machine
  4. Collect order status when supplier depatches

It is also worth noting that we already have integrations for many leading eCommerce websites like Magento,  Shopify & WooCommerce